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Beautiful in Berkshire

I have been feeling pretty frustrated that I have had no time to post to Oriana's Findings recently.  However, after reading the latest issue of The English Home,  I had to make time to share this lovely renovated Georgian home in Berkshire, outside of London.  It is so well done.  It is classic (which I love) with an English country vibe but is decidedly not old fashioned at all.  Rather, it is elegant and current and screams of thoughtful restraint in every room.  The interiors were designed mostly by homeowner, Alex Kinder (who lives in the home with her husband Chris and three children) with some help from Nicola Oaten of Bear RenĂ© Interior Design.  It is yet another example of how traditional design can be adapted to feel new and totally of the moment.  

I love this one and hope you do too!